2nd Floor Construction Project

For the last 12 years, the fire company membership has been working diligently to complete the construction of our firehouse. Due to a lack of available funding at the time of build in 2009, we have had to keep the entire second floor of our new building empty and non-accessible to both the general public and our membership per the town fire code. This includes even utilizing that space for general storage. 

The fire house second floor is designed to be used for our training, meeting, exercise, restroom, uniform / firefighting bunker gear storage and office space for the officers. Because of our current limitations, we have had to make do by holding all trainings and meetings in our main hall (sometimes conflicting with scheduled events by the public) and consolidating the administrative space into our communications room. This has made daily operations a challenge, as our 8 officers work out of a single 10x16 foot office.

We have raised funds by holding Monthly Breakfasts, Craft-a-thons, Easter Flower Sales, and raffles, and continue to seek out new opportunities for funding.