New to town? Looking to give back to your community? Interested in what it's all about? Well, you've come to the right place. We are always looking for new members to join our fire family. Not necessarily interested in running into burning buildings as a hobby? Not to worry, there are many diverse roles within the Northfield Volunteer Fire Company that may be a perfect fit for you. 

Interior Firefighters: Responsible for advancing hose lines into burning structures for rescue of occupants and/or fire extinguishment.  They are qualified to handle all structural assignments such as structure fires, smoke in a building, gas leaks, Carbon Monoxide incidents, as well as non-structural fires such as vehicle fires, dumpster fires, HAZMAT incidences and all other calls that indicate the need for SCBA. (Self Contained Breathing Appuratus). 

Exterior Firefighter: Members who do not wish to engage in interior firefighting operations, but are still interested in participating in fireground operations can serve as exterior firefighters. Exterior Firefighters are qualified to do everything on the fireground that interior firefighters do, except activities where SCBA is indicated. At fire scenes they provide services including outside hose work, connecting to a water source such as hydrants or other fire trucks, assist with laddering operations, setting up lights, assisting with tools and equipment, and other such duties as deemed appropriate by the Officer In Command. Exterior firefighters may also want to become driver/operators of our fire and rescue vehicles.

Emergency Medical Technician/Responder: While the firefighters try to hog all the glory, our EMS unit is a key part of the Northfield Volunteer Fire Company. As a first responder, we are first to the scene for any type of medical or rescue emergency. We triage, treat, and prepare patients for transport in partner with Litchfield Volunteer Ambulance. 

Fire Police: Responsible for maintaining scene safety, directing traffic, supporting firefighter and EMS operations, and shutting down roads/setting up detours where required. 

Junior Company: The Junior Company is for young adults between the ages of 14 and 17 who are interested in EMS and/or Firefighting. Junior members go through a lot of the same training as our adult members, and can participate in fireground activity similar to Exterior Firefighters with some restrictions. The hours that junior members invest in company activities can also be used towards fulfilling school community service graduation requirements. 

Auxiliary:  The unsung heros of our department is our auxiliary. The auxiliary takes part in fundraisers and supports our firefighters and first responders during extended incidents and difficult conditions with food, water, and anything they may need. 

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